The works shown here are representative of a sculptural project I have recently undertaken in which I combine plant materials of various kinds with found and man-made objects in a playfully constructive way. I see this not as the production of a series of finite objects or site-specific installations fully resolved and completed, but rather as the making of way points in my developing relationship with the plant-life of the Bruce Peninsula.  The region is famous for its rare plant varieties which are in and of themselves truly magnificent.  However, I have chosen to focus on the more common plants that flourish in the rougher areas of the landscape  — the roadsides, marshes and farm fields.

Using teasel, two varieties of cattail and mullein plants(our own Canadian cacti)along with everyday found and fabricated objects I am constructing interweavings that speak to the possibility of interconnectedness and the links we, as humans, can still forge with the natural world .  As essentially iconic constructions, these works are my attempt at transcending the limitations that are constantly imposed on this relationship through lifestyle and the demands of contemporary life.

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