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I am lucky enough to have a home studio and surrounding garden in which to build and display some of my sculpture. The interior of my studio is an installation work in process where I assemble pieces of all descriptions. These days, my works are constructed almost entirely of found materials, plastic, wood, rope, natural forms such as bees’ and wasps’ nests etc. Most of the time I use a glue gun combined with wire in order to attach the various components. The whole room has become a kind of forest of forms. Overall, I can see the sculpture becoming the architecture of the studio building much like Kurt Schwitters created his merzbau constructions. I see this as a temporary development in my practice. One day, I may clean out the space entirely and begin something new. In the meantime, I’m working on small pieces that will become part of larger works, or not depending on the situation.

The surrounding garden contains several large-scale bronze pieces from times past that complement the plantings in addition to more recent outdoor friendly plastic and other found objects sculptures. I continue to work with oars and paddles as I find them and with nautical imagery in general and, of course, with balls of which I have over 5000. Any combination of objects and materials can be incorporated into freestanding sculpture that can, in turn, be translated into a more permanent material such as bronze or aluminum. In most cases, the original colours and textures are retained in the finished works through various finishes. If this transformative process interests you and/or you want to acquire a piece of mine for your garden, home or place of business have a look at my ‘Commissions’ page and you’ll get a good idea what can be accomplished.

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